We use highly polished unique tools to carefully shrink the dent away
Paintless Dent Repair known as PDR is a highly skilled art.
Suitable for all dents without broken paint. PDR retains the original paint finish maintaining the highest value of your vehicle.
PDR does away with the paint jobs and masseges the panels and body to remove dents and restore the vehicle to its original pristine glory.
When you choose PDR you are actually opting for one of the most ECO friendly choice.
There are absolutely no chemicals involved from the start to the finish .Since there is no need to pay for costly fillers,solvents and primers like in the conventional body repair shops Paintless Dent Repair costs are low and is friendly on your pocket.In most cases you can save up to 50%  in costs by choosing PDR instead of traditional repair.
NOTE.One of the biggest advanatges of using PDR is that the car retains its value by since  there is no filler and paint job.Surely it is very important if we consider to sell the vehicle.